How the Actionline works:                              

Your observations, ideas, and opinions are very important.

You can use the Actionline to express any comment, suggestion, observation, question, concern, or situation that you feel needs attention . . . and know that you will be heard where it counts -- by your organization's Chief Executive Officer and top management.

Actionline is convenient and confidential.   You can be sure that your message will be handled in the strictest confidence because Actionline is administered by an independent communication services firm. Through this service, you can send a confidential message in any of these three ways:

  • (1) Call the Actionline toll free number 24-hours-a-day at 800-426-0426
  • (2) Send an email message to:
  • (3) Use the postage paid Actionline mailers or write to:
            Actionline - PO Box 7777 - Mesa Arizona 85216

    Option A - You can request a confidential response, in which case your name and contact information will not be revealed to your company, but you can still receive a response through the Actionline service.

    Option B - Or, you can be completely anonymous if you do not want a personal response.

    Option C - If you identify yourself and provide contact information, Actionline will send a confirmation copy of your message to you and responses can be sent to you directly by your company.

    Confidential Actionline Messages are submitted without disclosing your name, identity, and/or contact information unless you specifically state that you authorize your name to be included with your message.

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