A Summary of Benefits of the Actionline Program
  • Actionline has a proven track record of more than 40 years continuous service.
  • Actionline saves money by encouraging initiative and by generating expense reducing and income producing suggestions.
  • Actionline reduces your risk of being blind-sided by lawsuits, work stoppages, and other adverse actions.
  • Actionline assists in defusing potential problems before they become explosive and expensive.
  • Actionline promotes better people to people communication between workers and supervisors and managers simply by providing an always available, convenient, and confidential alternative.
  • Actionline reduces the risk of potentially damaging rumors being spread.
  • Actionline functions as a pressure release valve, allowing employee frustrations to be vented harmlessly.
  • Actionline is convenient, confidential, and credible. People will use Actionline to communicate candidly with management on subjects that might otherwise cause behind the scenes grumbling, anger, and bitterness.
  • Actionline provides a degree of protection against unwanted and potentially costly surprises.
  • Actionline increases management's visibility in a very positive and constructive way.
  • Actionline reduces the risk of unwanted third party involvement that could negatively impact your organization's operations and normal communication processes.
  • Actionline can satisfy EEO, Affirmative Action, and a wide range of other labor relations needs.
  • Actionline is simple to maintain. We do all the work. You receive all the benefits.
  • Actionline ensures the best possible employee working environment.
  • Actionline can be custom tailored to satisfy any unique requirements that you may have.

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