Communication Architects  (ComArc)
noteworthy achievements & innovations.
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  • For a Fortune 500 consumer electronics company, ComArc developed a new design for their complex price schedule that reduced the page count from more than 60-pages to three 11x17 spreadsheets resulting in improved readability, understandability, and a per-issue production cost savings exceeding $50,000 for 10,000 sets published bi-monthly.
  • For a nationwide 360-outlet retail chain (years before the advent of micro-computers and the Internet), ComArc developed a payroll information gathering system that reduced staff requirements from 7 overtime FTE's (full time equivalent staffing) each week to one regular-hour FTE.
  • For an international shipping firm, ComArc designed and developed a totally new-concept, precedent-setting, proprietary computerized export documentation system that literally changed the industry and resulted in enormous gains in accuracy, efficiency, clerical staff reductions, and overall operational cost-effectiveness.   That system continued to be in use, virtually unchanged, for decades.
  • For one of America's premier wood products companies, ComArc consolidated a 75-page McKinsey & Company designed monthly management report into an attractive, easy-to-read, seven-page presentation ... with no loss of information.
  • For a major financial institution, ComArc designed and implemented a new collections manual and procedures that reduced nearly a thousand pages of documentation to 17 concise, easy-to-read and understand pages that were more comprehensive than the previous three-volumes. The new, more clearly defined instructions permitted new hires to begin work immediately without several days of orientation and training that had previously been required.
  • For several years, ComArc published a professional journal for business users of emerging micro-computer technology.

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